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The International Commission of Large Dams (ICOLD) is a non-government international organisation which provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience in Dam Engineering. The National body representing India is known as Indian Commission on Large Dams (INCOLD). The INCOLD has decided to establish its own Young Engineers Forum (YPF), starting from the principles on which the ICOLD Young Engineers Forum, was founded on July 02, 2021. The INCOLD YPF forum encourage young community in India through various activities of knowledge transfer and their experience in dam engineering. The board members of INCOLD have representation from young professionals from Central water commission, Indian PSUs- NHPC, THDC & WAPCOS, IITs & other academia’s, state governments and Indian corporates..
Main objectives of the INCOLD YPF

  • Encourage the attendance and involvement of younger Indian engineers at INCOLD or ICOLD events.
  • Provide an opportunity for knowledge transfer to the next generation and ensuring the long-term future of INCOLD and ICOLD.
  • Provide an opportunity for younger Indian engineers to connect with each other to enable sharing of experiences.
  • Inspire younger Indian engineers to become active in their National Committees to support the above three objectives nationally and internationally.
  • Provide a forum where country strategies around the attraction, encouragement, development and support of the younger engineers in the dam engineering industry can be shared.
  • Provide a format where strategies can be developed to support the above four objectives and put forward to the INCOLD and ICOLD Board for acceptance and action.
  • The above Mission is being achieved by:

  • By constituting of INCOLD Committees on the various topics in line with ICOLD technical committees.
  • By circulating the draft reports/bulletins received from the Technical Committees of ICOLD among the experts in India to elicit their comments/suggestions. Discussions on these are included in the agenda of the Annual Meetings of ICOLD, held in various countries.
  • To publish Newsletter Half yearly.
  • To organize/conduct workshop and symposia at a regular interval to address the various issues in dam engineering.
  • To publish technical literature and to contribute information on different aspects of water resources development and management related to dam.
  • To provide forum for the decision makers, planners etc. to exchange information on the various issues such as dam safety evaluation, rehabilitation and resettlement, RCC dams, instrumentation of existing dams etc.
  • To arrange contribution of more numbers of papers in the ICOLD Congress/Symposia/Workshops etc. projecting the national expertise in the field of dam engineering.
  • Establishing cooperative arrangements and partnerships with key government agencies, professional organizations and major dam owners to increase INCOLD’s effectiveness in the industry.