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Technical Committees

Presently, ICOLD has 25 Technical Committees that address current technical issues related to the development and management of water resources. The listing of the ICOLD Committees is given hereafter. A total of 143 Technical Bulletins have been published and are available for purchase. Information on these publications is given on ICOLD Catalog.

List of Committees:

  • Committee on computational aspects of analysis and design of dams.
  • Committee on seismic aspects of dam design
  • Committee on hydraulics for dams.
  • Committee on concrete for dams.
  • Committee on materials for fill dams
  • Committee on dam surveillance
  • Committee on the environment
  • Committee on dam safety
  • Committee on Engineering activities in the planning process for water resources projects
  • Committee on sedimentation of reservoirs
  • Committee on dam decommissioning
  • Committee on tailings dams and waste lagoons
  • Committee on operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of dams
  • Committee on the public awareness and education
  • Committee on register of dams and documentation
  • Ad Hoc Constitutional Committee
  • Committee on Dams for hydroelectric energy
  • Ad hoc committee on small dams
  • Committee on dams and floods
  • Committee on role of dams in the development and management of river basins
  • Committee on Cost Savings in Dam Construction
  • Committee on Groundwater Dams
  • Financial and Advisory Committee
  • Committee on Dams and Water Transfers
  • Committee on global climate change and dams, reservoirs and the associated water resources.