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The International Commission on Large Dams groups National Committees which are organized in countries wishing to become member. The Commission is directed by:

  • The Executive Committee consisting of representatives from all the Member Countries and of the Officers of the Commission. The meeting is held during the Annual Meeting. Any independent country can become a "Member Country" and constitute a National Committee consisting of persons competent in the matters relating to dams. The Executive Meeting is in charge of resolving all questions concerning organization and direction of studies, investigations and experiments, administration of all funds and properties, operation of the Central Office and any other relevant business of the Commission ; it shall approve the budget of receipts and expenditure, appoint and organize all Committees, and elect new Member Countries.
  • The Officers of the Commission consisting of the President, the six Vice Presidents, the Secretary-General and the Treasurer. Officers are elected by the Commission on a three years mandate non-renewable except for Secretary-General and Treasurer.
  • The Central Office established in Paris and dealing with the business of the Commission. The Central Office is under the general direction of the President assisted by the Secretary General and Treasurer and the staff necessary for the efficient working of the Office.
  • The Technical Committees and Administrative and Special Committees appointed by the Commission. The official languages are French and English.