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Group members or Interested candidates are invited to connect and share activities in active discussion groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, or on the Forum. INCOLD YPF leverages networking and knowledge exchange opportunities virtually and in-person. Young Indian Engineers can actively participate in INCOLD activities, working groups, and projects and help address the world’s most pressing water challenges.

  • INCOLD YPF was set up to stimulate the interest of young people in the dam sector, promote their active participation in INCOLD activities, reinforce the possibility of contacts for the exchange of information and experiences, contribute to generational renewal and the transfer of knowledge.
  • INCOLD YPF will express comments and suggestions on INCOLD activities, and will contribute to the organization of INCOLD events, to develop experience and foster the interest and involvement of young people.
  • INCOLD YPF will interact with ICOLD's YPF.
  • INCOLD YPF will promote the membership of new members to the YPF.
  • The Coordinators of the INCOLD Working Groups will promote the participation in their Working Groups of at least one junior member, belonging to the YPF.
  • INCOLD will promote the active participation of YPF members in INCOLD initiatives additional to the Working Groups (website, interaction with similar Forums of other associations, relations with universities, etc.). INCOLD will favour the participation of the YPF in the events and initiatives of the ICOLD; INCOLD will encourage the writing of articles and memoirs by YPF young people, identifying the most useful means and stimuli for this purpose.; INCOLD will disseminate periodic information on YPF initiatives and activities.
  • People under the age of 35 years can join the INCOLD YPF People belonging to organizations that are supporting and Collective Members of INCOLD can apply to join the YPF, without any charge. People not belonging to Supporting and Collective Members can join individually to the YPF by paying a symbolic membership fee of INR 500 for one year or INR 10,000 for Life membership.
  • To join the YPF, the interested candidate will send a request to the YPF Coordinator, who will keep an updated list of members, with the support of the INCOLD secretariat.
  • INCOLD YPF will be coordinated by the Chairman and the Board, appointed by the President- INCOLD. The coordinator will provide INCOLD with periodic information on the activities of the YPF. The coordinator will participate in the meetings of the Presidential Council.
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